King Koko Samoa

KING KOKO SAMOA is made from 100% pure cocoa beans.

No additives of any kind - no sugar, no chemicals and no dairy.

From selecting the highest quality of cocoa beans, to our unique and proprietary roasting process, quality is our primary focus. In order to make the best tasting Koko Samoa, King Koko realizes that it is necessary to use the best cocoa and the best roasting process.

We pride ourselves on producing the best pure chocolate beverage, fit for Kings.

Some of the rarest cocoa in the world is found in the pacific islands. Cocoa is thought to have been introduced to Samoa in the 1800's. Cocoa is so precious to Samoa that it has been protected by law since 1961 and importation of any fresh cocoa products are banned.

Cocoa beans used in KING KOKO SAMOA are considered a “super food” because of the nutritional health benefits associated within the cocoa bean.

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